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She acted as if it was an accident, but once maybe, twice can be excused but after that it was purposeful.”Sammy couldn’t see but her name “Sammy” and Mike’s name as her owner were on a slip of paper inside a clear plastic pad on the collar just like a regular dog.She lost her pinky finger and ring finger on her right hand.He wanted to fuck Caci.It would ruin her life if that footage came out.Her slightest wish is his command.I’ve been buckled into place at my wrist and ankle.Mistress Tracy walked over to stand in front of cheryl.I don’t do that.And just like that, my love was gone.Glenda laughed, “Hell, with you so close, he was probably too tongue tied to talk.Ms. Cuch will be out of your reach forever.After an hour, Ian's body was bare.I...“It's fine,” Sven said, peering at the courtyard through the gaps in the trellis.Shame it wasn't a few days ago, then I wouldn't have had to leave campus to come to see you.”“What’s the holdup then, this guy not gettin’

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