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He reminded me of a kid sent by his mom to apologize to a neighbor for breaking a window.His lips were delicious and I wanted so much more.Further Lukas’ cock reached into the depth of Alex’s mouth.We lay there for a few more minutes with her just moaning dreamily.My hands roamed freely over her body while hers sought her desire.Astrid, already the most famous woman in Drastin, was mimicked with hundreds of fake wings, heads braided and shorn at the sides, and body-paint imitating tattoos.She circled the tip of Erin’s clit with her tongue as it emerged from under its protective hood.When Jackson finished inseminating me, I fell to my stomach and he rolled to the side as his cock pulled from me.I heard the gasps from the men next to us mixing with the groans of Jake.“Stop that,” I said, pulling my cock from her mouth.I could feel his cock twitching in my mouth, could taste the saltiness leaking from his cockhead, and I yearned for him to cum in my mouth.I honed the tip of the

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