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Frank merged, wondering why she would want to take the longer route.the truth of the matter is if i'd said no they would have raped me, so there was no real choice and the idea and the facts of the situation excited me and my response was“I will enjoy educating you in the ways of the slavegirl.“Well, that’s not happening.” Elena sighed as she pulled her fists out of me.I don’t want you to feel pressured into anything.After about an hour, right on cue Olivia said she was tired and a little woosy, and would like to call it a night.As she calmed, I could feel her tight little snatch loosing up, allowing me to slide a few more inches inside.My body was on fire as I sensed the passion between my legs.One day, on a random weekday evening, there was a new face.He also asked us if he could take a selfie with us.She went back to my ass and began fingering it some more.Whichever they give to young men and women that age.I could only guess she knew the answer, but she blew me another ki