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“They keep to themselves, but they are still devoted to doing good.I took a deep breath, and did just what she asked.She thought that once married to him things would work out very well for them.Then I collapsed into panting joy, shuddering, staring up at my daughter's furred muff.“However, humans are a bit different.“Excuse me?!” I asked in disbelief, ignoring his fist.I wondered why the metal egg couldn’t run on battery power.That wasn’t Mitch.When we got home Kelly went straight to her room.It felt so wicked.One of the Men grabbed my face “Have you ever been fucked before kid?”“But you’re still a cheater and a slut.” She bravely walked into the water until it was up to her waist, and not wanting to feel the cool water rising up to her warm breasts and sensitive nipples, she quickly dove in, swimming to the other side."Oh hell yes!""Nice job on Linda.There's that word again…Maggie jumped and her eyes flew open.“I love you dad.The light was again turned off w

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