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He placed his hand on Zanyia's head, scratching her between her ears.Whatever had been building between them all these years, it had finally happened, and all he wants to do now was go with it.“Goddamn, White girl ass is the best.”Her thoughts wandered as she stared blankly at the TV when her view was abruptly blocked.What would happen if she didn’t press it?I couldn't control what they did after that.“You can breed me whenever you want, Master,” Lee said.“I never did cum in any of them.The stranger ran his eyes over her generous figure in the tight black dress, turned to him and said, "Go on."“Now THAT really was divine!” Jake said with a chuckle in his voice.We each had small gifts for the girls.He could have sworn he heard several individuals make reference to an “agency” of some sort.The Goddess was certainly smiling upon them now.“Oh God, I’m cumming.” She gasped.You're... you're my husband, Sven.Linda needed some more mental encouragement in her opinion.

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