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" No I'm good" I replied winking backDoesn’t matter how nasty a stress position it is, doesn’t matter how long we want her to stay in place.But fuck it.I tilted my head to the side.Eva’s body was flung onto the mound of corpses and rolled down the pile to rest at the front, her hazel eyes staring up at them.She merely grabbed her arm and fidgeted on her feet.Her Robe was untied and she now lay naked on the couch with me sliding down into the floor so I could get a better position.I was trying to think of a way to phrase my gleeful acceptance of Mom’s generous offer of sex without sounding like a dork.“Doctor Mueller just swiped his access card at the front door,” PLATO said hurriedly.What is happening to my body without my soul in it?There were lots of roaming hands as I tried to squeeze my way through the crowd to get to the DJ and I’m sure that some of those hands were female ones.“That call was from the neighbor to the south of the lodge.Mel's my friend and I'm not g

Her hands loosened their grip on my head and eventually lifted themselves, going back to her face or something, as I backed my head away from her and exhaled sharply.“Fuck!” I groaned as my orgasm exploded through me." ‘Cause people are gonna be really surprised here," he said pointing at me and then at Rob.At any rate, I decided to grab a soda from the machines in the break room, which took me by the room where the bigwigs were meeting.Patty's blush deepened, and she shamefully averted her eyes, avoiding the counselor's calm stare.Margaret sure does have a huge mouth.Formal introductions had been made to nearly all the eligible men in town, and yet I found myself without a hint of interest in the entire lot of them.My eyes got wide and a fresh wave of panic hit me. I heard another whimper/scream leave my mouth.I realized that while part of my mind hated it, my pussy, my body, and the rest of my mind were all quite happy about this.I finished my cabinet and pulled my shorts up a

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