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Welcome to my humble palace…As expected, you fall into my trap…” he said in his gritty voice.And I keep swallowing.I figured he might be in his early thirties.The following days are always the same.Finally they broke apart with a wet suction noise and a gasp.I was too drowsy to become embarrassed and got up and put on my top and fixed my panties as I made my way to the bathroom.Respect someone's boundaries and obey the safe-word and stop-signs.How in the world would she be able to stifle the climax rapidly building from deep inside her body?"Good then all is settled."I rub my hands over my sore wrists, trying to get the circulation going and work out the stiffness.With such enthusiasm.“If you need a reminder, I'll take you upstairs and explain it to you” dad suggested.“You mean WHEN we move; I’m suddenly getting a lot more interested Betty,” the man said.Back at the mobile home I got myself a drink and did a mental count.Granted, I had no clue what I would wear as a cos

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