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With the tractor came a small trailer for his power tools to be transported, a mighty Troy built Tiller and a variety of power tools for the upcoming gardening and orcharding.“Could you put him down for me, Eve?” She asks and Evelyn swiftly nods her head while holding her baby close to carry him upstairs.He considered her for a moment but then decided to stick with his original plan.All so wonderful.Mother.She looked up at him for a beat before nodding agreement.He said, raising an eyebrow, clearly fishing for more details."We had heard stories about strange faraway places, but never thought we'd see them."I can't help myself, I slip in and position myself across the room but right between her legs.The Navy SEALs had been exterminated, their heavy artillery crushed, their entire Air Force obliterated, and now they were watching the equivalent of a giant lawnmower running over their troops.I bit my lips with my teeth so as to prevent myself from moaning out loud, then my whole body

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