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"I'm so proud of you big sister!“Okay, yeah, miss you too, see you Saturday, can I go now?”He moved slowly at first, but her mouth was so amazing and the gagging sounds she made drove him over the edge!Carl?He was body slamming her and she just lay on her front with her head on her arms and took it.Throw that away.She moaned when he cupped her breast with his right hand.She whispers into my ear, “I want some too, Daddy,” in a very seductive tone.My hands moved from their cautious perches at my sides, and tangled into her platinum hair; blonde strands twisting about playful fingers.I was certain that Mom did the best she could, and I wasn’t about to hurt her feelings by speaking out of turn about how it just wasn’t enough for her boyfriend.Tegan nodded.Was this a... boyfriend thing?I doubt that he even felt being stabbed.I couldn’t help but over hear the raised voices coming from the other room.She said she Is, Master what is the matter?Curiously, she check it out.There wa

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