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“Okay Georgia,” Zoe said, “how do you fancy doing something today as well?”His hand was wrapped around the cock that was still wet with my spit and moving in a furious pace.Lyn and I had abstained from sex so that I wouldn’t be worn out when Saturday came and would be able to fully enjoy the event.My eyes darted upward, an apology ready on my lips, but when I met her sapphire gaze, there was nothing there to elicit my shame; only an inviting twinkle, a curious little ocular smile.I could feel him shift his hips and reach with one hand to scratch behind my ears.By that time the place was heaving and the groping moved on to the next stage – bending us over and fucking us; right in the middle of the crowd.'Cuz I don't pee like a regular guy does, either."His hands found my breasts.Katherine, and I spent our time there catching up with my mom, and Joe.My blonde hair was tangled in my horns, my freckled complexion was marred with red pressure points, and my nethers oozed viscous

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